Laboratory internal mixer

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Efficient dispersion with a compact tool

Lescuyer and Villeneuve internal mixers are at the heart of the characterization process in laboratories and research centers. The mixers are monobloc, which reduces floor space and noise pollution.

The design of the mixing tank allows easy cleaning and ease of use thanks to an ergonomic and intuitive touch screen control panel. All rotors, tangential or intermeshing, are designed in-house to best answer all materials’ mechanical behaviours.

All Lescuyer internal mixers comply with the highest safety standards : NF EN 12013.


• Pneumatic positioning of the ram
• Thermoregulation of critical areas
• A high level of instrumentation
• Leakless seal system
• Security organs

Turnkey equipment with delivery, installation and training of on-site teams.

Many options can be added to Lescuyer internal mixers as automation, electric ram, ...