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Easy to use for low volumes

Lescuyer compression presses are designed to perform all types of applications under reproducible conditions while guaranteeing maximum safety. Electric laboratory presses up to 150 tons of compression are monobloc and compact with 100% usable working space.

Our electrical technology allows positioning of the platens with very high precision. In addition, the absence of hydraulics makes Lescuyer compression presses particularly suitable for laboratories and sensitive areas. Equipments include perfectly controlled degassing and an integral vacuum chamber. All the working parameters: temperatures, strokes, and pressure are adjustable by an integrated touch screen.

All Lescuyer compression presses meet the highest safety standards: NF EN 289.


• Meets the highest safety requirements
• Programmation of molding cycles
• Optimal temperature control
• Monobloc equipment easily integrated in a laboratory
• Quick and secure opening / closing


Turnkey equipment with delivery, installation and training of on-site teams.

Options can be added to Lescuyer compression presses : recipe management with automation depending on the type of material, platens size, additional sensors, integrated handling table, ...