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A technology developed and patented by Lescuyer

The EDCF extruder is one of the most hype equipment in our catalog in the field of extrusion. This Lescuyer and Villeneuve patented extruder achieves levels of purity and yield impossible with standard equipment.

It is a double-stage extruder with independent screws, an automatic degassing and a filtration system allowing a continuous production process.

The main advantages are :
• Increased flow rate of 20 to 30% compared to a conventional degassing extruder
• High quality extrudate - Low amount of impurities


• Parameters setting without limits
• Automation for ease of use
• Product-specific working powers
• Monobloc equipment
• Optimal filtration


No production stoppage for filter change.

Turnkey equipment with delivery, installation and training of on-site teams.

The intuitive and ergonomic operator panel allows you to view and control all the parameters necessary for the proper functioning of the process. Numerous optimization possibilities depending on the product and the application thanks to the management of speeds and pressures.