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Complete in-line cutting solutions

Tauzin Automatismes is a long-standing partner of Lescuyer et Villeneuve, with a long expertise in cut-to-length equipment for elastomers. We offer these products in addition to Lescuyer equipment within laboratory and production processing lines. Tauzin offers manual and automatic cutting devices with guillotine, block and slashing technologies.

All cutting equipment are managed by a touch screen for an easy control of working parameters. An adapted motorization allows to overcome the issues of deformation from the product. Our machines reach high speeds with optimum performance for tubes, extrusion or calendering output profiles.

Tauzin Automatismes also offers auxiliary equipment: non-contact material control, feeder and discharge systems, discharge belts and automatic winders.

All Tauzin equipment meet the highest safety standards.


• Meet the highest safety requirements
• Programmation of cutting cycles
• Optimal cutting precision depending on the product
• Complete cutting line design


Turnkey equipment with delivery, installation and training of on-site teams.

The presence of a design office with extensive experience makes it possible to offer the production of special made machines. Personalization and innovative solutions to solve your problems. In addition, Tauzin Automatismes offers a cutting subcontracting service; all operations are carried out within the premises, from cutting to packaging.