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A stable monobloc equipment

Lescuyer extrusion-calendering lines consist of an extruder and a calender on a common frame to improve sheet precision and quality. Lines can be optimized by adding a cooling roll, automatic conveyor belts and thickness sensors on the calender. The thickness sensors can control the motorization of the extruder and so answer autonomously to any fluctuations of the sheets. This technology is compatible with rubbers and silicones.

The calendering lines are entirely designed by Lescuyer and allow to introduce specific elements depending material specifications, from design to automation. Indeed, we offer 2 different extrusion technologies, flat head or tube head.

All Lescuyer extruders and calenders comply with the highest safety standards: NF EN 12301 and NF EN 1114.


• Vibration absorption thanks to the common frame
• Micrometric precision of the final product thickness
• Optimal temperature control
• Sheets waste recycling system
• Meets the highest safety requirements


Turnkey equipment with delivery, installation and training of on-site teams.

Many options can be added to Lescuyer extrusion calendering lines such as output cutting accessories. We pay particular attention to the training and commissioning of our lines while offering after-sales service and personalized follow-up.