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Innovative Design - Optimized safety and accuracy

Lescuyer electric calenders are the result of many years of R&D. Indeed, this model is the result of an innovation project labeled by the Elastopole cluster in order to meet the new safety standards NF EN 12301 of 2016. The maximum cylinders’ gap in the safety phase must be 50 mm between each cylinder.

The calendering unit is monobloc and fully cased allowing great versatility. Cylinders movements are motorized and allow optimal control of the thickness of the product. The temperature of each cylinder can be controlled through the operator panel. Our technology achieves a high level of precision on sheets produced up to 25 m/min.

All Lescuyer calenders comply with the highest safety standards: NF EN 12301 and directive 2006/42/CE.


• Meets the highest safety requirements
• Optimal temperature control
• Micrometric precision of the thickness
• Sheets waste recycling system

Turnkey equipment with delivery, installation and training of on-site teams.

Many options can be added to Lescuyer calenders as a cooling roll, thickness control by laser probes and control of the cylinders gap, and automated cutting accessories at the output.